ChatGPT Writer - Write mail, messages with AI
ChatGPT Writer - Write mail, messages with AI
Write emails, messages, and more using ChatGPT AI (privacy-frendly). Works on all sites


Privacy-friendly Chrome extension to write emails, messages, fix grammar mistakes, rephrase text, change writing tone, summarize text, and much more using ChatGPT AI. Works on all sites. Free to use. ✔️ Highest quality responses that outcompete all other tools in the market. ✔️ Works in all Chromium-based browsers, such as Chrome, Brave, and Edge. ✔️ Works on all sites. Works even better on Gmail. ✔️ All languages are supported. With ChatGPT Writer, you can write prompts for just about anything, right on any site you're visiting! Popular Ways Our Users Are Using ChatGPT Writer: ✍️ Write Emails & Messages: Effortlessly craft the perfect message. 🔍 Grammar Fixes: Eliminate typos and grammatical errors with ease. 🔄 Rephrasing: Make your text clearer and more impactful. 💼 Tone Adjustment: Adapt the mood of your correspondence in a snap. 📝 Summarization: Turn lengthy text into concise summaries in seconds. _________ WEBSITE: ____________________________________ MULTIPLE WAYS TO LAUNCH CHATGPT WRITER ____________ HOW TO USE Demo: 1) Click on the extension icon 2) A popup window will appear 3) Briefly enter what do you want to write about and hit "Generate Response" button. ________________________ HOW TO USE ON GMAIL How to generate email reply in Gmail: 1) Go to Gmail, open an email, and reply to it. 2) Click the ChatGPT Writer extension button in the Gmail reply box. 3) Briefly enter what you want to reply to and hit "Generate Reply" button. ____ FAQ Which all languages does it support? All popular languages. Just mention the language in the text prompt. For example: "Write an email in German language about internship opportunity." Which data is shared with the AI model? When writing a new email, the data sent is the user prompt. When replying to an email, the data sent is the previous email text content (which can be edited to remove sensitive information) and the user prompt. What is your privacy policy? Your emails or any other messages are not saved on our servers. Context of email or message is solely used for the purpose of generating the response and nothing else. Furthermore, we value your privacy and refrain from using any third-party cookies, trackers, etc. To ensure the protection of your data, we use industry-standard encryption and security measures.
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2023-11-17 00:17:36