Voice Control for ChatGPT x Mia AI
Voice Control for ChatGPT x Mia AI
Expands ChatGPT with voice control and read aloud.


Voice Control for ChatGPT allows you to have voice conversations with ChatGPT. By introducing a recording button, it enables you to record and send your voice queries to ChatGPT, eliminating the need for typing. The AI's responses are subsequently read aloud, ensuring a smooth, auditory interaction. Furthermore, the extension will enable you to transform ChatGPT into your personal voice assistant with Mia AI. Features: 🎤 Record voice input and submit it to ChatGPT 📣 Read responses aloud (or disable if you prefer reading) 🌎 Supports multiple languages 🖱 Record voice by clicking the microphone button, or... ⌨️ Press-and-hold space to talk 🔁 Repeat read aloud 🗣️ Use voices from OpenAI or your browser 🔘 New feature: Mia AI - turn ChatGPT into your personal voice assistant Browser support: ✅ Chrome for desktop ➖ Edge (Windows only) ❌ Brave ❌ Mobile browsers ❌ Other Usage guide: 1. Install Voice Control for ChatGPT to activate voice commands for ChatGPT 2. Go to chat.openai.com 3. Login or create an account for ChatGPT - it is free 4. To activate voice control click the microphone button or press-and-hold the spacebar on your keyboard 5. Accept access to the microphone when prompted 6. Start talking to ChatGPT The extension will automatically read-aloud responses from ChatGPT. Toggle read-aloud on/off by clicking the mute button. This tool enables voice transcription through dictation. It utilizes browser-based speech-to-text and text-to-speech functionalities, while also seamlessly integrating with ChatGPT's voice capabilities. 🛟 Need help or found an issue? Please click the link in the support section or write a message to support@voicecontrol.chat Note: ‣ Please allow microphone permission when prompted. ‣ Uses native speech recognition from the browser.
3.7.2 (Chrome)
2024-06-13 22:19:44