GRABLEY - Product Search Tools
GRABLEY - Product Search Tools
GRABLEY - Product Search Tools (Amazon, eBay, others...)


GRABLEY - The Best Tools for every seller on Amazon, eBay 😎 ⌨️ HOTKEYS ✔️ Alt+X (Mac: Option+X): Copy and Paste the address ✔️ Alt+1 (Mac: Option+1): Enable/Disable - "Hide - prime items" ✔️ Alt+2 (Mac: Option+2): Enable/Disable - "Hide - Sold by Amazon" ⚙️ MAIN FEATURES: ✮ For Amazon ✮ ✔️ Hide Prime item on Amazon ✔️ Hide item Sold by Amazon ✔️ Hide item with variation ✔️ Only CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - but please check option "Include Out of Stock" on the left side Amazon filter column ✔️ Hide Advertising on Amazon ✔️ Fast Button SEARCH on Ebay - you can search the same items by click ✔️ Fast Button SEARCH on Walmart - you can search the same items by click ✔️ Show ASIN on the search page ✔️ Show status BuyBox ✔️ Show Best Sellers Rank (BSR) on the search page ✔️ Filter for BSR ✔️ Show Brand ✔️ Copy Address from Amazon and paste into eBay, Walmart, Aliexpress or Amazon (HOTKEY: Alt+X) ✔️ Cross-browser Copying - You can press copy in one browser and paste in another (Great option who works from different computers) ✔️ Copy address to clipboard from Excel (standard Amazon export file with orders) and paste into eBay, Walmart, Aliexpress, Amazon ✔️ Price filter on the seller storfront page ✔️ Show quantity on the seller list ✮ For EBAY ✮ ✔️ Fast Filter Button (Check New, Buy It Now, North America in one click) ✔️ Fast Button FIND on Amazon ✔️ Hide NoSold Item on Ebay ✔️ Show Pricing Margin Table - you can set Amazon fee and get price table (Example: you setup fee in Grabley = 15, if product cost on eBay = $100, your Amazon price will be 117.64$, because 117,64$ - 15% = 100$) ✔️ Paste Address from Amazon Order (Alt+X) ✔️ Paste Seller Message ✔️ Paste Seller Phone - if you setup your custom phone - it will pasted ✮ For Walmart ✮ ✔️ Paste address from Amazon order ✮ For Aliexpress ✮ ✔️ Paste address from Amazon order
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