Search All
Search All
The easiest way to access different search engines.


Search All makes it super-easy to switch among the most widely used search options, so that searching the same terms on different search engines is just one-click away.

Search All is a perfect complement to Chrome's Omnibox, and can really speed up your search process.

【Similar Product Search 】
1)Seach All will search similar products and add a price comparison feature in some e-commerce sites such as amazon, ebay when you visit an item page. This feature is powered by
2) You can disable the superfish feature in Search All option easily if you don't like it.


1) Fast switch between different search engines.
2) Support search engine customization. Add your favoriate search engine now!
3) Add bookmark search. Now when you do a google search, the extension will also search your bookmarks and display the search results on the google search result page.
4) Multiple search in the right click menu.
5) Record search keyword history, so you can use it in different search engines.

[Updated privacy policy]
Usage of the Search All browser extension requires granting it permission to capture anonymized click stream data. No personally identifying information will be captured in connection with this data. Please review our specific EULA and privacy policy for more details.
2.2.28 (Chrome)
2022-03-02 10:40:09
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