Simplescraper — a fast and free web scraper
Simplescraper — a fast and free web scraper
A web scraper that's fast, free and simple to use. Scrape website data and table data in seconds


👉 Please watch the short video above to see how to scrape 👈

Simplescraper is designed to be the most simple and most powerful web scraper you've ever used. No code required.

Run locally in your browser (no need to signup) or create automated scraping recipes that can scrape thousands of web pages and turn them into APIs.

One-click scraping directly into Google Sheets, Airtable, Zapier, Integromat and more.

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Useful features include:

⚡ A simple point and click tool to select the data you need

⚡ Smart selection that captures table columns as well as urls from links and images

⚡ Download in csv or JSON format

⚡ Scrape directly into Google Sheets, Airtable, Zapier, Integromat and more

⚡ Unlimited free local scraping

⚡ Pagination (cloud scraping)

⚡ Save scrape jobs so you can run again without having to re-select the data you want (cloud scraping)

⚡ Navigate between recipes easily and run multiple scrape jobs simultaneously (cloud scraping)

⚡ Historical snapshots of all the data you have downloaded in the past (cloud scraping)

⚡ Free cloud scraping starting credits


⭐ New in update 1.23:

- Bulk editor: edit the schedule or cookie settings for all your recipes with one click
- URL generator: easily create a list of URLs to extract data from based on a single URL
- Scrape speed: choose your preferred rate of data extraction
- Starred recipes: star a recipe to keep it at the top of your recipe list


Past updates:

⭐ Update 1.22:

- Improved property selector - it's now even easier to select the data you need!
- Crawler can now scrape up to 5000 URLs at a time
- Updated Airtable integration to optionally save metadata

⭐ Update 1.21:

- Added Airtable integration - scrape any data directly into Airtable!
- Added a new recipe overview section to make managing multiple recipes easier
- Improved credits - unused credits now carry over to the next month

⭐ Update 1.20:

- Improved API tab
- Improved cookie feature

⭐ Update 1.18/1.19:

- Improved selection process: easily select a single element using the new 'only this' menu option

⭐ Update 1.17:

- Improved crawler - scrape up to 3000 pages at a time!

- Improved next page selection process

- Wider selection of scrape recipe templates

⭐ Update 1.16:

- Improved crawler - scrape up to 2000 pages at a time!

- 'Manage account' section added

- Design and layout improvements

⭐ Update 1.15:

- Google Sheets integration - save scraped data to Google Sheets instantly!

- CSS editor - you can now edit the CSS selector when selecting elements

- New logo

- Updated help guide

⭐ Update 1.14:

- Ability to schedule recipes

- Ability to edit recipes

- Ability to crawl multiple urls

- New simpler layout

⭐ Update 1.13:

- selection made easier (automatically chooses first selection)

- improved top menu

- infinite scroll added
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2023-05-19 20:45:58