Amazon Review Export New V3
Amazon Review Export New V3
This is a simple and reliable tool for exporting product reviews from Amazon and downloading them into a .csv file.


Just updated all bugs fixed!

Works in ALL AMAZON MARKETPLACES!!! Get reviews from any amazon platform worldwide! Filter for date range and stars, get only the information you want!

No more cut and paste reviews! Hours of work now done in seconds! With Amazon Review Downloader simply go to any product page, hit the extension icon, choose your date range and min/max star and all reviews will be downloaded in a .csv file. You can open this with excel or google sheets. You can sort reviews based on date, 1 star, 2 star, etc... Get the data you need quickly and efficiently!

DOWNLOAD INCLUDES: Reviewer's name, Reviewers link, variation, Review ID, rating, date of review, review title, review text, verified purchase, vine review purchase and review image link.

Step 1: Go to any PRODUCT page.
Step 2: Click the Amazon Review Downloader extension icon. All reviews will be downloaded into a .csv file
Step 3: Filter for date range and stars
Step 4: Open .csv file in google sheets or excel and view the reviews. You can sort, highlight, download the file as an excel sheet or do whatever you need!

**If you have an issues do not hesitate to email me**
2.4.5 (Chrome)
2023-05-24 22:31:17