Game-Changing Tools for Amazon Sellers


Sellerise Chrome Extension is one of the best free Amazon extension that makes work simpler and easy to do by combining functions in a single place, instead of having to use multiple different extensions. It is powerful, performs fast, easy & free to use.

Review Downloader
- Have you ever thought of downloading Amazon reviews? If so, then you have landed at the right place. Everything you need to do is to select the "Review Downloader", then visit an Amazon product page or enter ASIN manually, and click the "Load Reviews" button.
- Reviews & Orders Match.

Profit Analyzer
- Profit Analyzer will help you calculate the price and the gross profit margin for any Amazon product. By using this free tool you can determine the selling price and gross profit margin for Amazon products.

Review Requester:
- Feedback Review Manager
- Functional on every Amazon marketplace (US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, CA, AU, AE)
- Easy-to-use review request button located on the main page of your order list for each order, eliminating time spent requesting reviews individually for each order
- Ability to submit mass review requests (up to 100 requests per page) and global review requests (up to 10,000 requests), in the background after the request is submitted. No need to worry about the page closing or getting stuck - the extension will finish all the tasks for you
- The system automatically skips Non-Amazon, refunded or pending orders

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